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Rapid Emergency Response System

What is it?

BluePoint's new Rapid Emergency Response System is designed for use in crisis situations. With a familiar, simple, and intuitive interface, it provides instant notifications to first responders and designated internal staff members. The BluePoint solution provides critical information for a faster more informed reaction.

Demonstration of BluePoint at Work
BluePoint Alert Solutions


Designed to save lives by reducing internal response time to a medical emergency by quickly alerting first responders and paramedics. 

These devices are placed in areas with higher medical risk, such as eating areas, gyms, manufacturing production areas, and nurse offices.


When activated, BluePoint Alert Solutions immediately alerts the police, bypassing 911. Police instantly receive critical information which increases effectiveness and decreases their response time. 

Strategically located pull stations provide alert coverage throughout a facility including parking lots, outdoor play areas, and all campus buildings.


As a true life safety solution, BluePoint notifies all occupants of a building to take precautions through strobe lights and audio messaging that reduces panic and confusion. 

BluePoint's communication platform complies with FEMA's recommendation of best practices for Incident Command Structure and Multi-Hazard Communications.

How it Works

Infographic describing alert system process

Industries Served

Infographic describing the industries that would benefit from BluePoint
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